Paro Taktsang Access

In order to visit the cave monastery Paro Taktsang, one must get a visa unless the person is from India, Bangladesh or Maldives. See the travel requirements for visiting Bhutan.

Getting There & Useful Information

Once you get your visa, you will most likely enter Bhutan through the Paro International Airport. 

From the airport, you are very close to the city of Paro that lies only 10 kilometers away from the monastery.

A taxi from Paro to the parking lot and beginning of the path to Paro Taktsang and back will cost you around $10.

The remaining way to the top of the cliff you have to go either on horseback or on foot.

There is a cafeteria in the middle of the way, where visitors can take a break. It is also an excellent place for taking photographs of the Taktsang. It takes around 2-3 hours to get to the monastery by foot.

If you decide to get a horse, it will cost you about $10 and you will be up at the monastery in an hour and a half, but the journey might be more pleasant.

It is not recommended to rent a horse on rainy days because of the sloppiness of the road. Be advised that the horse will only take you uphill, and you will have to get back down on foot.


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